Tulsi or Tulasi is known as ‘Queen of herbs’. It has been adopted into spiritual rituals and lifestyle practices that provide huge health benefits. There are different types of tulsi. Rama Tulsi is also called as green leaf tulsi and has light purple flowers with clove-like scent. It consists of eugenol which is usually found in cloves and has a mellow flavour. Likewise, Krishna Tulsi has purplish leaves with strong aromatic smell. It is believed to have more medicinal properties than Rama Tulsi. The name Amrita means immortality as it can grow in toughest and variety of environment. In terms of look, it looks like a mix on Rama and Krishna Tulsi- the leaves are green but the stem is purplish. Tulsi Vana, also known as african tulsi that can grow up to 2m high with highly aromatic, slightly hairy green leaves with a strong clove scent and spicy flavor.

These four main forms of Tulsi are generally recognized and cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes.




सम्बन्धित खवर